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Kaiser Permanente 110 Cooper Street SCZ


Located in Santa Cruz, California, this five-story building will be the home of the future Kaiser medical offices that include provider offices, blood draw, and a pharmacy. Kaiser leased 6,872 square feet of the second floor and 14,769 square feet of the fifth floor in this existing building. Scheduled to begin construction in early 2021, OEG provided design-assist services during the construction document phase of the project which included modeling of electrical systems and components, running independent clash detection, making decisions for movements in coordination to resolve clashes, making coordination adjustments to the model from clash detection resolutions, verifying that components are modeled to the correct level of detail and match submittal data, and uploading the model as requested by the BIM manager. OEG evaluated constructability, sequencing, installation requirements, and means and methods of systems while incorporating these considerations into the modeling efforts.

Location: Santa Cruz, CA
General Contractor: Rudolph & Sletten, Inc.

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