Advantages of ​Thermography​

  • It shows a visual picture so temperatures over a large area can be compared​

  • It is a non-destructive test method

  • It is able to find deteriorating, i.e., higher temperature components prior to their failure

  • It can be used to measure or observe in areas inaccessible or hazardous for other methods

  • It can be used to find defects in pipes, metal or plastic parts

Sample of Thermographic Survey

  • 8274 APT. J (2)[7]

Preventing Accidents & Saving Your Company Money

Thermal images, or thermograms, are actually visual displays of the amount of infrared energy emitted, transmitted, and reflected by an object.

Thermography is ideal for carrying out Electrical Safety Inspections, be it to source that loose bus-bar connection or that overloaded component in your main electrical panel.

  • IR-Scans

We all understand the consequences of electrical system failure, with the costs associated not often being obvious until it is too late.

A fault observed with ​Infrared Thermography scanning may only cost ​hundreds to repair, but if left to fail that same fault may cost thousands in lost production, downtime, wages, insurance excesses, injury claims, etc.

Electrical fires represent 40% of fire loss insurance costs in industry and 20% of large scale fire incidents. Accidents are caused by loose electrical connections.

Fire Insurance providers are more commonly asking for evidence that you undertook a Thermographic Survey of your electrical equipment, when renewing or commencing insurance cover. Dependent on your insurer, some even offer discounts where you have set up an annual test schedule.

A Thermographic ​Survey from OEG, is a fast and cost-effective way to locate faults with no disruption to the running of your business.

The survey is conducted while your equipment is working and under load, any problems will be quickly located allowing you time to plan maintenance at a time that suits your business.