U of O Lewis Integrative Science Building

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The Lewis Integrative Science Building at the University of Oregon opened its doors on October 26, 2012. The 103,000 square foot building is home to research clusters centered around interdisciplinary and integrative research missions; its purpose is to create new synergies across diverse academic disciplines by literally uniting the sciences. The building houses biologists, chemists, […]

H2H3 Moffett Hangars

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Moffett Field is home to three hangars, built in the 1930’s and 1940’s to house military airships. Hangar 1—whose giant metal skeleton is visible from Highway 101—was home to the 785-foot-long USS Macon, which crashed two years after its maiden flight. Hangars 2 and 3 sit alongside one another. For several years, Hangar 2 was […]

LAM Research Building D Addition

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This project is around a 30,000 square foot fab addition at the Lam Research facility in Tualatin Oregon. OEG started the programming and design phase of the project with a very aggressive bid and through the design phase were able to develop an estimate that included value engineering to improve our final GMP position. Currently […]