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When it comes to Safety, OEG stands out from the crowd.

We know safety is everyone’s responsibility and it takes a personal commitment to work safely, always. To encourage this type of dedication, we help our people understand their actions at work not only affect OEG as a company but also their families and personal lives as well. By reinforcing safety on a deeply personal level, employees are less likely to take unsafe shortcuts or “just this once” chances.

Innovative Ideas

As a leader in the industry, we continually seek innovative ideas to improve the safety of our employees and our fellow craftsmen. Some of our greatest safety concepts have come from our most valued assets: our employees. One example is SafetyNet, a mobile tool that allows our staff to provide real-time information on safety conditions at job sites.

Our Safety Statistics* Beat Industry Standards:






Hours Worked

*Numbers reflect our Safety Statistics from 2023


Safety transcends job titles. We hold our subcontractors and suppliers to the same high levels of accountability. We continue to use our expertise to help raise the safety awareness of the companies that work for us.

-Matthew Harris, Safety Director