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EWEB Roosevelt Operations Center


This 22,570 square foot project consisted of a near mirror image of the HQ Data Center in terms of size, capacity, bill of materials, and lay-out. The EWEB HQ Data Center turned out to be a prototype for design by the local engineering firm and incorporation into a much larger project when building the Roosevelt Operations Center.

The products used in the ROC data center are nearly identical to those installed by OEG in the HQ Data Center. There are two expandable 550 KVA PowerWare UPS Units, remote by-pass switches, large power distribution units with large frame circuit breakers for the new Starline Busway system installed above the new Rittal Data Racks. ServerTech PDU’s are integral to the Rittal cabinets and are redundantly fed from both UPS sources. There is a stand-by diesel generator for emergency power loss to the UPS units. Many of the service components are integrated into the buildings main infrastructure system reducing the need to install a dedicated electrical service to the new ROC Data Center. Servers were then configured at the HQ Data Center location and brought in to the ROC Data Center to provide dual site redundancy for information systems.

Location: Eugene, OR
General Contractor: Lease Crutcher Lewis

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