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Project Name

SLAC Cryogenic Building 905

General Contractor



Menlo Park, CA

High Tech
About This Project

SLAC is a world-leading multi-purpose laboratory that explores frontier questions in photon science, astrophysics, particle physics, and accelerator research. In April 2016, SLAC announced that construction had begun on LCLS II. This upgrade entails the installation of a new unique x-ray laser and Cryoplant refrigerator—a powerful chilling plant containing compressors, pumps, and helium needed to keep the new laser at -456 degrees Fahrenheit (about the same temp as outer space). This upgrade will allow the new laser to fire 8,000 times faster, 10,000 times brighter, and at up to a million pulses per second. OEG will be assisting SLAC by installing the remaining electrical in the Cryoplant refrigerator (Building 905). Once this project is complete, SLAC will be able to take x-ray science to the next level and will open the door to a whole new range of studies advancing our ability to develop transformative technologies for the future including novel electronics, life-saving drugs, and innovative energy solutions.


OEG Scope of Work


  • Installation of OEG trailer at job-site
  • Seismic design of conduit and cable tray support systems
  • Rigging and installation of government-furnished equipment (GFP) and OEG supplied equipment (lights, cable tray, MTS, UPS, panelboard, transformer, generator, ATS)
  • Procurement and installation of 5KV wire in existing underground conduits
  • Installation of conduit and wire for electrical equipment distribution
  • Installation of cable tray supports, cable tray, and low voltage conduit for SLAC provided (OEG installed) low voltage cable routed and terminated to equipment and mechanical instruments throughout B905
  • Grounding of all electrical equipment in B905
  • Testing and commissioning of electrical equipment in B905